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If you haven’t been to Scotland, GO!

Every inch of that country is perfection.

You know those trips where you just can’t help but ask “are we there yet?”, well the there is everywhere. Even being confined to a tiny mousey engined automobile is suddenly tolerable because of the views that it affords you. It took every inch of my being to not ask the husband to pull over so that I could take a picture. This was one of those trips where I didn’t come back with massive amounts of photos but the ones that I did were true treasures.
We started off in Edinburgh, fresh off a six hour train ride. The streets look like London but feel like home. If London were NYC then Edinburgh would be Boston, and not just because they talk funnier. Life is a bit slower up here. No slower isn’t the right word. Relaxed. The world is just waiting for you and it’s in no rush. Scotland is a place that knows its beautiful and doesn’t feel the need to convince you of the same.
Calton Hill
After a short trip up Calton Hill to catch a glimpse of that epic view we jumped in that ¬† ¬†mousey engined car and set off for Glasgow. Now Glasgow would be the Detroit of Scotland. A little more unkempt with remnants of glory days gone by but nonetheless enchanting with hidden gems. We strolled down to the waterfront which falls underneath the shadows of beautiful bridges. Bridges might be my favorite right next to train rides. There is so much of a city thrust behind the making of them that you can’t help but feel the stories cemented in them.
From Glasgow we ventured north. We wanted to explore and explore we did. The husband is a man who likes to conquer. It just so happens that the tallest mountain in the UK, Ben Nevis, exists in the Scottish Highlands. Guess what we did. Yep. We climbed it. You’d think I’d learn to prepare for such ventures by now. Luckily I brought running shoes which is an improvement from the thin shoes I traipsed around a wintery Sweden in, but that’s another story right there. Nevertheless we conquered that mountain! In only 3 hours! Granted it’s no Rocky Mountain or Olympic Range peak but for only a 15 hour notice I’m pretty dang proud.
We set off at the perfect hour where the clouds were still lingering in the valley. Perfection. That’s the only way to describe it. Don’t believe me, take a look for yourself….


On the way up we passed a waterfall and a lake that settled itself between the two peaks. At the top we relaxed with our packed lunches and just took in the views. There’s no greater satisfaction I have found that soaking in well earned views. We put on some bagpipe musical selections as we traversed the rocks back down. That paired with the kilted, shirtless hikers we passed on our way back down gave me the epitome of Scottish experiences that I could have every hoped for!
On our way back down we took a slight detour over to that lake and went for a dip! Spread out across the blanket I had so smartly decided to bring we let the sun dry that refreshing swim off of us. If you’re looking for a solid travel blanket that supports a great thing check out Sackcloth and Ashes. For every blanket you buy they donate one to a homeless shelter in your area. If you’re gonna buy a blanket, why not make a difference while you’re at it, too easy.

We ended our trip back where we started. Edinburgh. Before being swept back south by another train we stopped in to the Scotch Whisky Experience just outside the Edinburgh Castle. It was very educational. Ah who am I kidding, we went for the booze! But it was educational for both our brains and taste buds.

A little boozy and definitely happy we found our way back to the train station and on our way home.



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    1. I don’t think I’ve hit the 1000 word mark yet for each pictures true worth but I’m getting there. I want to see your pictures! And when I get back we need to finally go on a proper walk with our cameras!

  1. Ah Nikki.
    I can relate to how you felt on your visit, since you know I’ve been to Scotland me-self. Your photos only make me long to go back. In fact, I think I may have seen those very sheep…well…possibly a relative. Haha.
    I recommend you go to Lake Windemere on your next visit.
    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful gift you have capturing your adventures through a camera lens. So very happy your dream of traveling has come true:)

    1. Thanks Tracy! We’ll definitely put that on our list! You should come visit, you could be our tour guide and show us all the best places!

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